My name is Khosrow Moossavi, I’m a Cloud Native DevOps and Infrastructure Developer with extensive experience of Java. Recently I started coding with Golang. I’m in love with automation, as a wise man once said “Automate all the things!", on that note, on a daily basis, I use Terraform, Chef, Gitlab CI, Travis CI and Jenkins to name a few. Currently I’m working @ CloudOps, maintaining and implementing infrastructure of

I’m a huge fan of Open Source and advocate it all the times, and try to contribute back as much as my time and knowledge allows. I am currently a semi-fulltime contributor to Apache CloudStack (Open Source Cloud Computing™) project, one of the maintainers of Open Source Cities, specifically Montréal and also a contributor to Hugo Coder (the base theme of this site!).

I use Containers, well who doesn’t! I have a strong knowledge of Docker ecosystem, including Compose, Swarm and good working knowledge of Kubernetes ecosystem. I’m soon to be CKA (Certified Kubernetes Administrator) and CKAD (Certified Kubernetes Application Developer).

On my spare time you can find me in a bouldering gym or if the weather is good, somewhere outdoor on the rock. I’m in love with buildering also known as “Urban Bouldering” (#sendthiscity).

If you want to hire me, need a consultation or simply want to hang out and chat, feel free to drop me an email or ping me on Twitter.

Thanks for reading!