Well, Hello World again!

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged and now it seems to be a good time to start it again. With a little bit of commitment I acutally might do it more often [we’ll see about that].

It only seems appropriate to start by talking about how this site came to life. Couple months back I was looking for different static site generators to choose for my site and I decided to go (pun totally intended!) with Hugo. The main reason to choose this over others (namely Jekyll) was that it was written in Golang which I had started to get even more experience with.

Hugo depends on a theme which should be present in themes folder, so the next step would be to decide that if I wanted to build a theme from scratch or use an existing one. I wanted the theme to be very minimal so I chose Coder. Then it came the fun part: I tried it, loved it, forked it, customized it and even contributed back to it.

“Developer” side of me was totally satisfied at this point, but the “Operations” side of me was screaming in agony for some automation! So I pushed the code to GitLab and started to publish it on GitLab Pages. The next logical step was to get a domain and that’s when khosrow.io actually came to life, thanks to:

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